Investment Partnerships

PAM is focused on the belief that heritage, culture and small businesses are the foundation for community pride and prosperity. The result of using PAM’s State Historic Tax Credit Investment Program is vibrant, modernized buildings that generate income, sales, and property tax, and new enthusiasm in their communities by adding community value through public education and creative placemaking.

It is part of PAM’s mission to serve as a state historic tax credit (HTC) investor within any state that has income-producing HTC.  As a state HTC investor, PAM helps to ensure that character-defining features and spaces of buildings are retained to help revitalize surrounding neighborhoods. PAM partners with industry leaders in development, finance, construction and legal fields to provide exceptional service that is cost-effective, fast and reliable.   In the past 7 years, PAM has partnered on projects in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas.

For each project, PAM works to ensure the following:

  • more funds are spent on the rehabilitation of historic resources through a tax-advantage structure;
  • value is added to each project with public education events and services; and
  • funds earned through partnership are introduced into PAM’s programming such as Policy & Advocacy, Education and Main Street.

To learn more and explore our past projects, click here.

For partnership inquiries, please contact:

Doug Gasek


Basics of the Federal and State Historic Tax Credit Program