Proactive Help is Here

Preservation Support

If you care about a certain building, or a town’s built heritage, or how teardowns might impact your block, get involved now — not when the wrecking ball arrives. PAM’s specialists in Preservation Support Services are available to share information and resources, then help develop and implement strategies to save the places that are important to communities.

Our Places of Interest program supports start-up actions by individuals and neighborhood groups who recognize emerging threats to valued places, and who are willing to focus their attention and energies on shaping a preservation solution. Through Places of Interest, PAM provides direct staff assistance and information on preservation tools including historic designation, fundraising support, and strategic planning and advocacy. From there, PAM develops fee-supported partnerships with community stakeholders to provide coaching and advice, strategic planning, publicity and promotion, technical assistance, and community engagement services.

We view Community Engagement as one of the most reliable – and rewarding – paths to proactive change. Thanks to a grant from The McKnight Foundation, PAM has two full-time Community Engagement Coordinators who are working in targeted neighborhoods of Minneapolis – Logan Park, Cedar-Riverside, Elliot Park, and Whittier. Learn more about our Community Engagement work and the cultural assets that community members care about in these neighborhoods, or review some of the latest research about community-led preservation efforts.

For more information, contact our Preservation Support Services manager.