Downtown Assessments

How do you tell your community’s story? 


By tapping into local wisdom, the Preservation Alliance works with you to uncover your community’s distinct assets, develop your strengths, and promote your competitive edge. Our Downtown Assessment program helps you develop a plan to change the way people think and talk about downtown.

Authentic Engagement

At the cornerstone of our Downtown Assessment services is genuine, relationship-building. We meet with community members where they are to understand what matters most. We not only document historic buildings and notable businesses, we work together to document the shared experiences, traditions, and characteristics that tell your community’s story.


Mapping Your Culture

Using information gathered from these conversations and specialized software, we produce a cultural asset map—a visual display of your downtown’s cultural assets. Collected stories and photos from community members illustrate your community’s unique cultural impact within Minnesota. Explore our current Cultural Asset Maps and how they work.


A New Vision for Downtown

Our recommendations always build upon the assets that already exist—and what makes your community special. They’re based on community feedback, rather than the opinions of an outsider. We help you not only articulate the strengths of your downtown, but provide a framework to identify specific, actionable steps that promote, highlight, and enhance your community’s defining characteristics.


Services That Fit Your Community’s Needs

The Preservation Alliance’s experienced team of downtown revitalization professionals will engage community members, convene stakeholders, and perform a rigorous analysis of your community. We offer two different levels of our Downtown Assessment Services to give you the most flexibility. While the Downtown Assessment Plus package offers more comprehensive and robust services, both levels use our distinguished community engagement methods as a cornerstone. Our exact set of services will ultimately reflect your community’s needs.


More Information 

To learn more check out our Downtown Assessment brochure.  For fee inquiries and more information, contact Community Engagement Coordinator Michael Tolan.