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Minnesota Main Street Benefits

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Considering Main Street?

For more information on Minnesota Main Street, call Emily Northey, Main Street Coordinator, at (651) 262-8770.

If you don’t want to chat yet and are thinking about applying, we’ve got you covered. Just download the Considering Main Street handbook. Request an application by emailing

Associate Membership in Minnesota Main Street is tailored for communities who want to learn more about this commercial district revitalization approach but aren’t ready to become a Designated Main Street Program.  Any community in Minnesota may become an Associate Member by filling out this short registration form and paying annual dues. Full list of communities

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Minnesota Main Street Benefits

Designated Main Street Communities

Associate Member Communities


Training Admission




Access to E-News




Annual Cost



Consultation services with Minnesota Main Street staff



Access to state Email List Serve



Access to electronic library and white papers through Members Site



Access to books and other printed materials in Main Street lending library



$6,400 in technical assistance services annually


Use of Main Street Name


Monthly Manager Only Conference Calls/Webinars


Annual program evaluation


Invitation to sit on Steering Committee



Examples of possible Main Street technical assistance for Designated Main Street Programs include:
  • Market research and development of market position statements
  • Committee training and work planning sessions
  • Social media training and website development
  • Local housing studies
  • Design services
  • Legal advising for starting and managing nonprofit organizations
  • Fundraising assistance
  • Historic preservation planning, National Register nominations and façade restoration renderings
  • Promotion, public relations and advertising
  • Special event management training
  • Business recruitment and business development
  • Property development
  • Signage and system design
  • Comprehensive city plans, zoning codes, and other ordinances
  • Urban design and planning
  • Transportation planning

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Services Available

Services provided by Minnesota Main Street to communities. Contact Minnesota Main Street for fee information.


Application Workshop, includes presentation on benefits of becoming a Designated Main Street Program

“Considering Main Street” Handbook

Minnesota Design Team Visits – Often lead to interest in creating a Main Street program (town makes own application, arrangements and payment with MDT)

Conference Calls as needed with local working group

Access to PDF of Board Member Handbook Template

Presentation / attendance at local meeting of City Council, EDA, Rotary, Chamber, etc…

Structured “Developing Main Street” workshop series for local groups in the process of creating and applying for Designated Main Street status. Workshop series held in your community and may include:

  • Core committee training – Educating core committee in Main Street principles and language, methods for talking to others in community, sample handouts, and review process for building support for program
  • Pre-town-hall preparation – Workshop with core committee in how to structure, invite, publicize and leverage town-hall style meeting
  • Town-hall Meeting – Attendance and speaking at meeting as well as follow-up session directly afterward
  • Post-Field Trip Workshop – After self-selected group from town-hall style meeting visits other Main Street community(ies), work with them in digesting and preparing information for sharing information at next public meeting. Also includes preparation review for second public meeting.
  • Determining our District – Facilitate the discussion for determining the boundaries of your prospective Main Street district
  • Budgeting Workshop: The first years
  • Determining an Organizational Structure – Facilitate discussion and identify next steps
  • Business Plans for Main Street Programs – Workshop for reviewing and deciding upon the outline for your future program’s business plan. General areas include goals, activities, structure, budget, funding sustainability, etc.
  • Vision and Mission Statement facilitation
  • Workplanning 101 – Training in how to use workplans for Main Street, first in delegating program set-up and application completion, and second in recruiting volunteers for the program’s first projects.
  • Workplanning 102 – Facilitated workshop for volunteers and partners to develop first workplans for appropriate stage of program development
  • Volunteer Recruitment 101 – Workshop for understanding volunteerism, creating custom tools for local recruitment, and practicing asking people.

Newly Accepted Main Street Programs

Free registration for Minnesota Main Street trainings. Local manager and volunteers need to attend four MMS trainings each year.

Board training held locally for Board. Receive editable Word template of Board Member Handbook.

An introductory Minnesota Main Street benefits presentation to a local board of directors

A starter package of materials from NTMSC including a Board Member Handbook, Design Committee Handbook, Organization Committee Handbook, Economic Restructuring Committee Handbook, Promotion Committee Handbook, and Revitalizing Main Street

Free registration for MMS two-day basic training session for staff, board members and volunteers. Local program participants (staff and at least 8 volunteers, preferably from Board and each committee) attend next Basic Training. MMS may hold Basic Training in their community depending on scheduling.

A one-day on-site manager training by MMS staff; out-of-state training may be coordinated as necessary (the Designated Main Street Community is responsible for travel, meal and lodging expenses for both in- and out-of-state training sessions)

Technical Assistance used for issues identified during application

Instruction on how to collect and report reinvestment statistics

Receive Main Street Manager’s Handbook.

Receive electronic template for Board of Directors Handbook for local program to customize.

Minnesota Design Team Visit (need to apply with MDT, but TA funds may cover fee) – Works well as preparation for workplan development

Vision and Mission facilitation

Workplan facilitation and instruction

Schedule first Program Annual Visit

Set-up new-program Facebook page (and other social media) and training for staff and volunteers in how to use and update it

Set-up shared documents system (using Google) for file-sharing for committees, events, volunteers, etc. Includes hands on training for staff and volunteers in how to sign up for it and to use the system.

Store front schematic drawings –Must be a commercial/mixed-use building in Main Street district (limited number each year)

Sign assistance – Must be a commercial/mixed-use building in Main Street district (limited number each year)

Graphic design assistance – Business must be located within the local Main Street district (limited number each year)

Design Committee Assistance

  • Volunteer Training: Getting Acquainted with Preservation – Session A: Secretary of the interior Standards; Session B: Storefront Design: History and Future of our Downtowns
  • The Economics of Preservation – Session A: The Financial Incentives of Preservation; Session B: The State and Federal Tax Incentives (pre-requisite is, “The Financial Incentives of Preservation”)
  • Other topics as requested – Dealing with a difficult design issue in your downtown? Our Design Assistance will cater a presentation, discussion, or workshop to your communities unique needs. This option requires additional timing for Design staff to compile and create a catered presentation or to locate experienced leaders to present on the topic.
  • Design Consultation - General input for the local Design Committee as requested, such as review workplans, sit in on a committee meeting, discuss specific design issues, etc.

Shared Services Menu

Strategic Planning: Develop Organizational Strategic Plans, Operations Plans, Fundraising Plans

Managerial Leadership: Board Training and Evaluation, Board Management, Staff Supervision/Management, Develop Individualized Work Plans, Policy Development

Administrative Assistance: Clerical Support, Insurance, Records Management, Procurement, New Hire / Termination Coordination, HR Policy and Compliance, HR Recruitment

Development, Fundraising, and Communications: Event Planning, Lecture Planning, Donor Management, Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Campaign Management, Sponsorship Development, Grant Writing, Grant Administration, Grant Consulting

Program Planning, Development and Support: Business/Program Plan Review, Business/Program Planning

Financial Management: Check processing, financial statement preparation and analysis, grant reporting

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