Preservation and Public Policy

PAM is actively engaged in promoting preservation as a matter of sound public policy, at all levels of government. We work with local elected officials to support the work of citizen groups and Heritage Preservation Commissions, at the Minnesota Legislature to promote statewide policies and incentives for preservation, and at the Federal level, in support of the extensive system for preservation administered through the U.S. Department of the Interior.


Here are a number of current public policy issues of which you should be aware. Be a preservation advocate by contacting your elected officials! They want to hear from you and to learn about the places and issues that matter to you and your community.

Preservation in the Minnesota Bonding Bill:

In addition to the transportation and infrastructure projects that are critical to maintaining services throughout the state, a number of historic and cultural heritage sites are proposed to receive funding through state bonding appropriations. PAM joins with the League of Minnesota Cities and the Building Jobs Coalition to urge passage of a robust bonding bill during the 2017 legislative session – one that prioritizes reinvestment in heritage assets that are important to a large number of Minnesotans.

Contact your State Representative and Senator and ask them to include preservation projects in the final bonding bill! Download our summary of proposed projects to share with your legislators, and view a spreadsheet we’ve prepared with more information about the proposals. (Not sure who represents you? You can look it up here!)

Want more detail on these bills? Look up the complete text of the bill by number by following this link. You can also see the Senate fiscal analyst’s spreadsheet comparing the Governor’s recommendations with the House and Senate bills – with preservation projects we’ve highlighted.