Perspectives on Preservation

Perspective on Preservation: Ryan Salmon

I came into the field of preservation through the back door – as a student of engineering. In retrospect, I have been interested in preservation since I was a child, which I attribute to my parent’s fervor for the field. As a teenager I worked for a neighborhood hardware store in Minneapolis, where I gained […]

Perspectives on Preservation: Clara Gilbert

Greetings from a Georgia girl.

As the newest member of the PAM team, an architecture student from Georgia, and an advocate for little-known architectural gems everywhere, I bring to you a grave tale—a reminder of the ephemeral nature of the built environment in times of flux in our communities.

Perspectives on Preservation: Jennie Eukel

Growing up, I’ve always been interested in design and architecture from past eras. I’m not entirely sure where this interest originated, but I am sure it has something to do with the fact I was raised on movies dating back from the 1930’s though the 1960’s. I love seeing the set design in these films […]

Perspectives on Preservation: Weiming Lu

As we introduce video and an interview to our Perspectives on Preservation series, we could think of no better person to start with than Weiming Lu. He has been an important contributor to the field of architecture, planning and preservation across the country and around the world, but most notably for us here in Minnesota. […]

Perspectives on Preservation: Cheryl Brooks


In retrospect I guess I started becoming a preservationist in high school. That is when I learned how to refinish furniture in Home Economics class. For many years I’ve “rescued” pieces of furniture during the city-wide clean-up days and restored them to their former glory. I appreciate the quality of these exceptional works of art.