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Hennepin Avenue and 6th Street

Note: This post originally appeared on Historic Minneapolis Signs. It appears on our website with permission from the author.   Circa 1960 and 2012 (City of Minneapolis source of 1960 photo). Extant: Masonic Temple, left (8-stories), Plymouth Building, right (11 stories). Raised: New Aster Theater and Gopher Theater, right.

History of the Hollywood: Liebenberg and Kaplan – Masters of Movie Theater Design

Note: This post appears on our blog courtesy of Preservation Design Works. You can find the original post here. Ryan Salmon and Greg Donofrio Preservation Design Works has recently been working with Andrew Volna, a prospective developer on the Hollywood Theater, located at 2815 Johnson St. NE in Minneapolis. Recently, we have been preparing a […]

Saving Minnesota: Kawishiwi Lab


By Alice Yonke Kawishiwi Lab (or K-Lab), a historic district 11 miles outside of Ely, houses # of Civilian Conservation Corps erected in the 1930’s as well as a rich history of wolf and wildlife research.  Thanks to quality craft, the CCC built structures continue to stand strong along the Kawishiwi River.  However, these building […]

Noerenberg Memorial Park


Noerenberg Memorial Park A bustling Gilded Age estate is now a tranquil retreat Meander through formal gardens. Gaze across an extensive natural shoreline. Tour historic structures. Walk along rustic trails. Encounter tranquility. These experiences await you at Noerenberg Memorial Park. Preserving this halcyon atmosphere, while conveying interpretive information and experiences about the park’s cultural and […]

Perspective on Preservation: Ryan Salmon

I came into the field of preservation through the back door – as a student of engineering. In retrospect, I have been interested in preservation since I was a child, which I attribute to my parent’s fervor for the field. As a teenager I worked for a neighborhood hardware store in Minneapolis, where I gained […]

History of the Hollywood Part 3: Historic Designation to City Acquisition

Note: We are excited to announce that Preservation Design Works (PVN) will become an occasional contributor to the PAM blog. Preservation Design Works provides a new process for redeveloping historic buildings. We connect our analytical and technical skills with our preservation relationships and resources to lower project costs and time. We make historic preservation projects […]

City fights for Carter Hotel, but is it a battle with ulterior motives?

Note: This article has been reprinted with the permission of ZenithCity. You can find the original link here. By Tony Dierckins   Duluth learned this past week the possible fate of the Carter Hotel, which is owned by the Fond du Lac Band. The band wants to demolish the structure to create more surface parking. Alison Lutterman, […]

DPA Calls for Renovation Nominations

Note: This piece was reposted with permission from Zenith City. You can find the original post here. The Duluth Preservation Alliance is making their annual call for nominations for the cities best examples of sensitively remodeled homes and building of historical significance. Each year the DPA selects and honors those who have successfully renovated their […]

Lost Duluth II Airs One Week from Tonight

Note: This piece was reposted with permission from Zenith City. You can find the original post here. WDSE-TV will air “Lost Duluth II,” the second documentary based on the book Lost Duluth by Zenith City Press, Tuesday, March 5 at 7 p.m. as part of its spring pledge drive.. The first “Lost Duluth” documentary aired in March of 2012, […]

The Disneyland complex: Searching for Mickey Mouse

This piece was re-posted with permission from the author. You can read the original piece here. Credits: Mark Ashman/Disney via Getty Images Every community cannot be expected to be a Disneyland Ask anyone on the street to name the top five tourist attractions in America and Disneyland would certainly be on everyone’s list. Its incredible success […]