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The Burma Shave Historic Vine Church Legacy

The building that formerly housed the factory and corporate offices of the Burma-Vita Company, at 2019 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis, may be a candidate for demolition. A small group of concerned citizens is urging Minneapolis Public Schools, which recently acquired the building, to evaluate the potential historical significance of the building. The Burma-Vita Company made Burma-Shave, as well as the iconic billboard signs that were arranged in sequence to form short verses along highway roadways. The building was constructed as the Vine Congregational Church and relocated to this site before the turn of the twentieth century, and was used as a Scandinavian labor hall and manufacturing company before being acquired by Burma-Vita in 1925.

Burma Shave exterior 1929 edited
This 1929 photograph shows the historic appearance of the Burma-Vita Company building at 2019 E. Lake St. in Minneapolis.

Now covered with white vinyl siding, the building doesn’t advertise its history. But Burma Shave’s sign campaigns, which originated out of this building, broke new ground in product promotion on a national scale. More effort should be made to uncover the history and character of this building before it is goes the way of the 55 mph speed limit.

PAM is pleased to help this emerging community group work to save this place that matters. Please make a tax-deductible contribution to help fund the Burma Shave Historic Vine Church Legacy efforts, including a historic property evaluation and advocacy campaign.

To learn more about the Burma Shave Historic Vine Church Legacy, including upcoming fundraising events, find them on Facebook.

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