More University Area Housing?


Anyone who has ventured over into the University District lately has undoubtedly noticed some significant changes in the built landscape. Tons of cement and orange fluorescence rule the roads. Washington Avenue is now a desert of ripped concrete, making way for major changes in the Twin Cities’ transportation network. I have been a member of the University community for only six years, and I have seen countless changes on and near campus (TCF stadium…). But to me, the most obvious change is the increase in amenity driven, student marketed housing opportunities. Back in the day (though six years hardly merits this one), students had a few swanky apartment options, but most of us moved into old apartments, houses, duplexes—the cheaper, the better. Now, it seems that every other block has a new rental property, ready to accommodate the growing University enrollment rates. But how do these developments fit in with the historic integrity of a neighborhood? How do they affect the properties that already exist? And is a flatscreen TV in the bathroom really a necessary amenity?

Listed below are a few interesting articles on housing development happenings around the University.

More U Housing in Works

Fraternity May Be Forced to Move

Oak Street Cinema Destruction Approved

Plans for 412 Lofts Move Forward

Developers Turn to “Stick Built” to Cut Costs


(Photo: Solhaus, Greiner Construction)

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